BGMI APK v3.0 (Battlegrounds Mobile India Game)

BGMI APK v3.0 (Battlegrounds Mobile India Game)

Download the latest version of Battlegrounds Mobile India APK – This apk lets you uncover new Events and Nusa maps.


App Name BGMI
Publisher KRAFTON, Inc.
Genre Personalization
Latest Version 3.0
Size 78.7MB
Update January 19, 2024
Get It On google link

Witness massive annihilation and mass destruction in this battle royale game BGMI Apk. Immersive terrains invite you to embark on your survival journey and uncover your ultimate brawling capabilities. Show off collaborative works and take the battleground by storm. Load your guns, aim your target, and destroy your opponent.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Introduction

Dare yourself in a death match against hundreds of survivors and deadly shooters on a shrinking map. Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk (BGMI) is a game like PUBG that allows local players to fight in epic duels. Shoot freely, slay your opponents, and enjoy chicken dinner with your friends. Modern warfare gameplay lets you unleash your extreme battling skills in a world full of danger. Get assistance from loyal partners, squad up for a remarkable contest, and win the glory of becoming the last man to survive in the ring.

The energy-filled sound effect is one of the most crucial factors that make it enjoyable to play. Moreover, voice chat helps you communicate while battling in death matches. Get on to the adventure at various landscapes, collect fatal equipment, and experience an extremely combative environment around you.

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Exciting Gameplay

Start your journey by selecting a map and getting the finest rifles. Witness iconic islands around the world covering dangerous locations. The aim is to achieve your target by killing all other survivors in the game. Wander across diverse maps, utilize fast means of communication, and escape from enemies. Shoot ideally and knock down the heads of your foes. BGMI delivers a way to quench your thirst for fighting. Get new weapons, chests, and supplies. Moreover, enjoy dinner with your mates after clearing the level.

Diverse Game Modes

Try the distinct mode of this multiplayer shooting game. You can fight solo or play as a team. Playing solo mode, you will fight alone against hundreds of skilled players and assassinators in the game. While playing squad mode, you can team up with two, three, or more members to dive into endless action.
Each mode aims to become the last man to stand in the ring. Explore rare locations and different battling conditions in each fighting mode. Win glorious rewards after beating your foes in thrilling duels.

A Comparison between BGMI and PUBG

BGMI Apk is a game developed on the basic concept of PUBG. BGMI is an Indian App designed for local players, while PUBG can be played worldwide. Both deliver unique gameplay with a royale-battle theme. The question arises here, what is the significant distinction between PUBG and BGMI?
Here we come with the answer as we’ll explain all their differences in detail so you can judge which one is better.

  • BGMI is country-specific and available for Indians only, while PUBG is available for users worldwide.
  • Events held in both games are different.
  • Blood color is also different in both games. Green in BGMI, red in PUBG
  • Reward system is different in both games.
  • BGMI offers more eSports events than PUBG.

Key Features: BGMI APK

Multiplayer Game

BGMI Apk is a real battleground for passionate fighters who can brawl against each other for dominance. You have to fight against a hundred players at a time. Moreover, you can tie up with mates and collaborate to build a winning strategy. Clan battle will raise your interest.

Superb Characters

You can find various iconic characters in the game and pick your desired one with unique fighting abilities. Start your adventure by picking up a character and putting on a fantastic costume. Moreover, you can customize your character and change its appearance. Hone the skills of your characters after winning different levels.


Explore Various Maps

Among numerous maps, you can select your desired one to start your adventure. Get to the dangerous islands and fight there with brutal enemies.
Watch your characters fighting in thrilling battles at different locations and derive fun over there. You can try out various maps so you never get bored.

Get Lethal Weapons

Uncover a massive collection of destructive weapons. Pick up the gun you like the most, shoot out your rivals, and cause maximum damage to win the game. Show your shooting aggression, slay all shooters, and become the final survivor on the battlefield.

Communicate with your Mates

Voice chat with your mates so you can convey your message quickly. Help your mates in finding enemies and treasures. You can speak to them and plan for the raid.

Reward paying Events

Dive into fun-filled tournaments and events to collect huge rewards. BGMI offers an extensive collection of valuable prizes you can get after beating your enemies.

What’s New

  • Jet Boost Board Skill added to fly swiftly in midair
  • Light Machine Guns rebalanced
  • New Weapon Added: Lynx AMR
  • Explore New Secrets and discover ancient Erangel, Miramar, and Livik ruins.
  • New 1*1 Nusa Map Added
  • Stygian Liege X Suit
  • Get New Street Gears
  • Weekly leaderboard Added
  • Addition of cool weather effects
  • Transparent UI
  • AI mode
  • Show Route Option
  • Evo Ground Mode
battlegrounds mobile india game

Wrap Up

Download BGMI Apk to join the biggest shooting festival in India. Show monstrous shooting skills in the multiplayer battling arena. Enjoy an intense brawling atmosphere with lots of remarkable scenes in the game. Find and collect the rarest weapons and resources to annihilate the enemy. You can collaborate with other players to lead a fight for life and death. Stay alive till last and become the victor.

Download the latest BGMI Apk

Follow some tips to get this superb shooting game.
1. Click the download icon on our website to start downloading the Apk.
2. After downloading the Apk of BGMI, install it on your device.
Note. Allow all files from unknown folders from settings to avoid any issues while downloading this file.


Q: Can we get BGMI on iOS?
Yes, you can enjoy BGMI Apk on iPhone and other iOS devices.
Q: Can we play it on low-end devices?
BGMI doesn’t cover large spaces; you can play it on low-end devices.
Q: Is it playable on PC?
You need to install emulators to play this game on a PC.

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