MOD APK v2.4.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems) MOD APK v2.4.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems) MOD APK – Try this hack version to grab unlimited armor and skills to counter the attack of enemies.


App Name
Publisher Habby
Genre Adventure
Latest Version 2.4.2
Mod Feature Unlimited Money/Gems
Size 617MB
Update January 18, 2024
Get It On google link Mod Apk takes you to a fierce battlefield where zombies are ready to take you apart into pieces. Take your deadly weapons and prepare for the biggest face-off against the dead. Lead the battle of glory and survival with the contribution of your companions. Show up lethal moves to kill monstrous creatures on a horrible island. Apk: Description

The stage has been set for the biggest rival war between humans and the dead in a city captured by zombies. The aim is to rescue the town from distressing attacks and fight against the hordes of zombies for the survival of humanity. Being a hero, you must take charge with your loyal partners to regain the town’s peace and slay the monsters. The zombies far outnumbered you, and you must take destructive action with quick responses to brawl against the thousands of killers simultaneously.
The horrible journey is not easy as you’re encircled by the dead from all sides. Unveil your battle skills to escape this nightmare and succeed in this dangerous mission. The post-apocalyptic world is drastic, and most humans have suffered from a fatal infection that has turned them into zombies. The few behind left must show the courage to tackle the rivalry attacks. Witness an epic clash between two beasts on your mobile screen and take your brawling fever to its peak.

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Exhilarating Gameplay

For action battle lovers, is the best platform to quench their thirst for war. Short-term matches will keep you entertained and agile in the game. Rouge-lite gameplay allows you to assemble a squad of brave warriors to train them for the most significant conflict between the alive and the dead. Recruit soldiers who can stand out against the lethal attacks of the zombies. Most importantly, equip them with deadly weapons and hone their skills. The intense environment of the game will become more enjoyable when you face the bosses in thrilling battles.
Explore a comprehensive collection of new skills and weapons, get your desired skill, and plunge into the battle arena fearlessly. You must prepare well before the mighty showdown as you aim to collect bio-fuel and vital supplies to regain your energy. Collecting these energy boosts and weaponry isn’t accessible as you have to bear many consequences in this hell and avoid the attack of the dead. After getting these gems and experience points, you can boost your performance and unlock special items and stages that will raise your craze in the game. MOD APK Mod Apk is the hacked version of the game that delivers extended features to help the players achieve their target and win every game. Get an unparalleled gaming experience in this mod version as it offers unlimited coins and gems that are enough to buy the latest weapons and get a never-ending life. Unlock new abilities and prepare a deadly combo attack by merging different weapons. Collect endless gems, upgrade to new levels, and clear all challenging stages. Additionally, you can upgrade your combat ability and enjoy the premium segments for free.
This mod version is more advanced than the original version as it features many innovative things and desirable changes in the actual gameplay. More importantly, the graphics have been improved, and new animations have been added. Indeed, you’ll love to explore a giant map as this hack delivers a map twice the size of the actual map used in this game. Also, you can witness new infrastructures and buildings. Now, don’t worry about getting fatal gears and tools and building safe bases, as you can have plenty of resources, and you and survive better.
Let’s look at the newly added items in this modified gameplay.
1. Addition of entire new seasons, including Spin-to-win spring event, Spring Stage, and Spring Stage Clash.
2. You can have free access to Voidwaker equipment.
3. Now, the maximum level of the players has been enhanced to 95.
4. Ender’s Echo Season 2, with five new chapters, has been included in this hack version.
5. Addition of new Mega challenges will keep you entertained in the game.

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Mod Features

One of the best ways to get all premium features is to get a mod menu, by which you can explore the game more deeply and attain victory. This version offers numerous benefits, and I’ll lighten a few.

  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Mod Menu
  • Defense Multiplier
  • No reload
  • XP boost multiplier
  • Unlimited Skills
  • God Mode

Key Features: Apk

Let’s come to the excellent features of this classic game available on the Play Store, which over 10 million people have downloaded. So, have a look at them.

A Chaotic World

Survival RPG brings you to a chaotic world threatened by hordes of dangerous zombies. The apocalyptic world is terror-filled, and the dead army is marching toward the humans to destroy them in an epic duel. The living condition of the humans are miserable, and nearly the rest of the men have turned into bloodthirsty zombies. The circumstances are truly drastic, and you may have to survive under the shadow of terror. This scary hell features lots of monsters and mutant animals, so basically, the goal is to slay monsters for survival.

Embark on the Deadly Mission

Take the responsibility to save humanity and plunge into the epic war against the dead. As a protagonist, you must help the survivors escape this hell. Prepare a mighty crew, equip them with lethal weaponry, and assign them a task to regain the city’s peace by killing the zombies. Scavenge for resources, level up your crew and upgrade their performance. Unleash your maximum battling potential to achieve your goal.

unlimited money in

Bloodthirsty Fights

There is no pause button in the game; once you’ve started, you must accomplish the fatal mission to win a victory. You must take over more than 1000 zombies at a time; that will test your strategic battling techniques and mettle. Shoot the enemies with your favorite weapons to collect experience points and activate new skills. Help survivors get out of this hell and make the region peaceful again. From a wide range of skills, you must get your desired and utilize it while battling. Don’t panic after watching a wave of monsters marching toward you, as you have the finest rifle to bury them in the ground.

Dozens of Enemies

Don’t underestimate your enemy; they have diverse skills and attack from all directions. Anyhow, you can have the ability to deal with 1000 monsters simultaneously. Different types of zombies have different attacking abilities. Mini monsters can have a limited range, but their attack is constant, while after every 15 minutes, a giant boss will come with whom you have to fight to get to the next level. During these 15 minutes, you aim to avoid the attack of the zombies and kill as many as possible to lessen the concentration of damage. Keep your eyes open and be aware of the impending danger to fight well and extract better results.

Acquire Various Skills and Weapons

You must prepare the best skill combination to launch a fierce attack. Building your character is the crucial point on which your whole battling journey relies. Hone your skills, make a perfect setup, and develop a proper combination of your skills and weapons to dominate the battling arena. Face the crisis with courage and collect resources for your survival. You can take various skills and weapons, including katana, Gatling, and Kunai, with different specialties and devastating capacities.
Surely you need katana while fighting against the long wave of the zombie, as its range is relatively better. While kunai is a knife that you can throw at the enemy from a greater distance, it can cause massive damage to the enemy. If we talk about the Gatling, that is too dangerous to tear the zombies apart in pieces.

Breathtaking Game Levels features fascinating levels that have a unique craze and crunch. Each level features extraordinary missions and diverse enemy characters that will give you a tough time. After a successful chase, you may start from level zero and proceed to the higher level. The ultimate aim is to collect gems and coins to level up your performance. Explore deep and get to a higher level after defeating monster bosses. As time passes, you’ll feel noteworthy changes in your character’s personality. Each stage features exciting rewards that you can use to customize your character.

Intuitive Control and Cool Graphics

The game is designed so perfectly that you can single handily control your character. Make swift moves on the screen with the help of smooth control. Additionally, it covers splendid 2D graphics that will raise your interest in the game. Everything is set up perfectly by keeping the user’s interest in mind.

What’s Recently Added

Here are the brief details of features and items recently added to the gameplay.

  1. 10 new chapters added
  2. Arrival of Autumn leaves the event
  3. Tech part and daily challenge feature added
  4. Rocky Reporting Events
  5. Addition of Metabolism Boost
  6. Equipment quality down feature added
  7. Daily sign-in event added


Download Mod Apk’s latest version to immerse deep into endless battling fun. Enjoy fighting against zombies and be the last one standing in the arena. Unleash your strategic mind and conquer monstrous bosses to proceed to a higher level in the game. Recruit warriors, train them, and work on their skills to deal with various monsters. Accumulate gems and weaponry to unlock more resources and annihilate your enemy. Get the maximum benefits of the hack version to grab exciting rewards and win prestigious prizes.
I have summarized all the information regarding this mod apk in this article. Get more mod apps and games from our website. Stay connected.

How to Download Apk (Mod + Unlocked)

Download the altered version of from our link. Here we have step-by-step instructions to get this masterpiece.
1: Uninstall the previous apk to get the recent mod version of
2: Download the latest Mod Apk.
3: Enable the option ” Allow all files from unknown” from your mobile’s settings.
4: Install the downloaded file.
5: Enjoy the game.


Q: Is it a safe version?
Yes, this cheat version of is safe and free from viruses.
Q: Is it a free version?
Yes, the hack is absolutely free, and you can quickly get it from our website.

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